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Due Diligence for Metro Manila Land




  1. Compilation of documents required for transfer of real estate
    • Review Tax Declaration, Sketch Plan, Tax Clearance, Transfer Certificate of Title, Certificate of Stewardship (if applicable)
    • Verify authenticity of documents submitted by seller
      • Verification of Tax Declaration with Local Government Unit
      • Verification of Certificate of Stewardship with DENR
      • Verification of Title with Register of Deeds
      • Verification of identification and TIN of seller
      • Verification of Tax Clearance
      • Verification of other related documents
      • Verification of adverse claim or lis pendens (pending litigation case)
  2. Preparation and/or Review of contracts
    • Review of property’s sales history / transactions for legal issues
    • Reservation Deposit Agreement
    • Contract to Sell
    • Deed of Absolute Sale
    • Waiver of Rights
    • Other related documents necessary to effect transfer
    • Preparation of documents for cancellation of notice of adverse claim and lis pendens, if applicable


Total Payment Amount:

  • Twenty Thousand Philippine Pesos (PhP 20,000.00) Professional Fee; and
  • Five Thousand Philippine Pesos (PhP 5,000.00) Deposit fee, to be liquidated and: (a) refunded if there is any excess; or (b) billed, if insufficient.


Payment due dates:


1st downpayment (Nineteen Thousand Philippine Pesos (PhP 19,000.00)):  representing 70% of the Professional Fee (PhP 14,000.00) and the Full Deposit Fee (PhP 5,000.00);


Remaining balanceTo be paid upon completion of project and determined after liquidation of deposit fee.


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